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About Us

The IRO Story

The Background: 

Our Story begins about 8 years ago when our co-founder Kathleen first started getting into the outdoors fishing, hiking, and hunting with her husband, Alex (our other co-founder). As Kathleen started participating in the sports more and more each year, it become apparent that she would need the proper equipment and apparel. When Alex and Kathleen started looking for products, they ran into issues many women face today when trying to find apparel in the outdoor industry. From a lack of women designed products, shrink it and pink it, outdated prints, and little to no variety in options, it became apparent there was a gap. Our founders noticed an opportunity to be the solution and enable all women, from there Isle Royale Outfitters was born!


Check out the Artemis Podcast (link here) where Kathleen sat down with the Artemis Team to share the story of Isle Royale Outfitters, the place behind the name, how you make tactical gear, and the important role of "snack manager" in the field. 

Our Goal:

Women are the fastest growing demographic in the outdoors industries, and yet dedicated products for them are not represented in the marketplace. We've made it our mission to custom design and develop products that not only stand up to the outdoor lifestyle, but also the everyday lifestyle and expectations of women. Our goal is to enable women to get into the outdoors, with products that are not only built for them, but also make them feel like the unstoppable women they are.

Testing Process: 

First and foremost we provide products that can withstand the outdoor elements. From there our next main objective is to provide cross-functional pieces. Women do more than spend time in the outdoors; they also workout, take care of children, work, run errands, meet up with friends, go to a yoga class, and so much more! We don't think you should have to change your outfit just because you went fishing early one morning and are running to the grocery store in the afternoon. Let's be honest here, who wants to do more laundry? (Not us!) 


In order to achieve this level of cross functionality, our products go through vigorous testing phases where they are put into various environments and the worst happens. We're not kidding either, we have had our products in various environments and all their glory; from getting hot coffee spilled all over our Featherweight Jacket, a friendly yellow lab scratching our leg with the Trail Leggings on, and an infant spitting up all over our Trail Long Sleeve; our products go through it all to make sure they will function whether you are on an early morning hike or meeting a friend for coffee. 


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