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Polygiene Graphic.PNG

Polygiene Odor Crunch© consists of silica, the main ingredient in sand. The Odor Crunch particles eliminate odors efficiently in a 2-step process. Offensive odor consists of oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur containing molecules and these odor molecules will stick to the modified silica particles in Odor Crunch. Once these molecules are adsorbed, they will be broken down and the offensive odor is permanently eliminated.


  • Stays fresh – Polygiene Odor Crunch eliminates odor caused by body odor, cigarette smoke, or cooking fumes so you can reuse your garments without needing to wash it.

  • Lasts longer – As the products stay fresh, less washing is needed and the products last longer. (We can wash our clothes half as much and keep them twice as long)

  • Be climate smart – Garments and gear with Polygiene Stays Fresh Technology use less resources such as energy, CO2 and water by needing to be washed less. Longer use of our clothes, together with a zero waste production, makes Odor Crunch a sustainable choice.

  • Make life easier – Less washing and laundry time means time to do the things you love instead.

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