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5 Reasons the Featherweight Jacket is your next best buy:

Jackets are a dime a dozen, we all know that, so when it came down to the development of our Featherweight Jacket, we knew we had to make it count! Below are five reasons why The Featherweight is one for the keeps.

1. It was developed with you in mind. We did not just make a simple jacket; we thought of everything women need from a jacket, what they do not currently get from jackets (why are pockets always so small?), and what would enable women most. All the way from the fabric and the size of the pockets down to the simplicity of the design and the flattering shape, it was designed from top to bottom with women in mind.

2. Did somebody say pockets? We‘ve all heard the excuse that we can’t have large pockets like men’s clothing because our clothing is smaller. That may be applicable to some companies, but when it came to designing The Featherweight, we did not accept that answer. In case you haven’t noticed, we are all about enabling women, and we like to practice what we preach. The Featherweight Jacket features pockets big enough for all your keepsakes yet also includes a smaller interior security pocket (because we know we are not the only ones who lose Chapstick all the time). All of this was done without compromising the jacket’s overall flattering look and fit.

3. Featherweight design: It is not just the namesake it is also a key defining factor of our jacket. It’s extremely light for the amount of warmth and water resistance it provides, it folds up easily, is breathable, and resists wrinkles. We know steamers are all the rage right now but isn’t it even better when you don’t have to use one?

4. Breathable Fabric: We frequently get asked, “why use mesh for the pocket interior?” First and foremost, breathability. How many times have you thrown a jacket on only to immediately take it off, and then put it back on later? We call this the "goldilocks syndrome", and it’s a condition of jackets not properly regulating body temperature. We decided to take a multi-layered approach and use a solid DWR exterior shell to contain heat and keep the body warm and toasty, and utilize a mesh lining to allow for breathability for whatever activity you are doing. Oh, and did we mention we hate armpit stains? Let’s keep that area breathable, for the sake of everyone 😉

Why carry the mesh to the pockets? Our answer to that is in the form of a question: Have you ever had a solid nylon pocket that blew a hole in the bottom corner a month after purchasing the coat? We have too, and after constantly losing change, Chapstick (there it goes again), and headphones, we decided we needed something stronger.

5. Silence: Ahhh the sweet sound of nothing, it’s like the feeling after the first sip of coffee in the morning, we love silence, and we know most of us rarely get it. While we focus on hunting and fishing, our clothing is developed to enable women in all fields. It’s where our namesake hashtag #findyourfield comes from. For this jacket we decided to go above and beyond when it came to silence. Our jacket is whisper soft to fold, move and was thoughtfully crafted to make as little sound as possible (do not even ask how many samples it took to develop such a quiet fabric!).

The final solution: a quiet and light fabric for our jacket, whether you are sitting in a tree stand, trying not to wake a sleeping baby, or just looking for the next best thing, we delivered.

Check out our Featherweight jackets here and use code: IROFAMILY for free shipping!

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