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Did someone say Charcuterie?

We know we aren't the only ones obsessed with the latest trend in appetizers, and it just so happens that Charcuterie makes for a great way to introduce wild game to new crowds!

Check out our tips below on how to assemble and pleasantly surprise even the most cautious wild game testers.


  1. Include various meats, both wild game and traditional sausage: those hesitant to try wild game will appreciate the variety in options and just might get more bold as the night goes on (and the drinks keep flowing 😉)!

  2. "You dip, I dip, We dip" Whitefish dip is always a huge hit, why not make it better and homemade with your own fresh caught smoked whitefish? Check out our teams favorite smoked whitefish dip recipe from MeatEater, in our experience it's always the first to go, and a favorite of non-wild game eaters.

  3. Add various textures: not only are meats and cheeses a staple but we recommend adding different types of crackers, nuts / almonds, and grapes as well to mix things up.

  4. All about that jam: Little known fact, we at IRO headquarters love homemade jam, luckily, our co-founders' mom always ensures we are stocked up each year with the latest Michigan berries have to offer (blueberry is currently the office favorite 😍). Adding jam to a board not only adds another point of texture but some sweetness to the savory as well!

  5. Think outside the box, add in homemade biscuits, throw some toffee or chocolate on the plate as well. The fun with charcuterie is that there are no rules! A variety in flavors is actually more sought out, so the more creative you can be, the better!

Our favorite options:

  1. Venison Summer Sausage

  2. Meat Eater's Smoked Whitefish Dip

  3. Peppered salami

  4. Fresh sliced thick pepperoni

  5. Provolone cheese

  6. Cheddar cheese (can't go wrong with a classic)

  7. Goat Cheese

  8. Brie

  9. Grapes

  10. Crackers (variety)

  11. Almonds / Cashews

  12. Mini pickles

  13. Momma S's Michigan Blueberry Jam (recipe coming soon!)

  14. Dried Fruits

  15. Fresh Thyme / Rosemary Sprigs for display (optional)

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