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The Isle Royale Story

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

A little background about us and our namesake Isle Royale. When our team struggled to come up with a name for our women's outfitter company we thought about what would most embody the brand. We meditated on our values, what we wanted our company to stand for, and where we wanted this journey to take us and our community.

After many months of pondering, praying, and thinking about all of this, we decided to name our company after the beautiful Northern Michigan island, Isle Royale. We believed what we were working towards was best represented by this secluded island.

Isle Royal's mission is to enable women to take on the beauty of the outdoors, to find their field. Whether that field is hunting in a tree stand on a cool fall morning, hiking through public land, or maybe even taking a Saturday afternoon nap in a chaise lounge. Regardless of where your field is, we want to enable you to take on any challenge that comes your way and bring to you the beauty of the outdoors and all the wonderful benefits we stand to inherit from time spent outside.

We believe the island of Isle Royale is the perfect sentiment to our mission and what we work hard towards everyday. This small island, only accessible by plane or boat, who's main purpose is to cherish the beauty of the outdoors, inspires us and we hope in turn it inspires you also. We hope you join us in this wonderful opportunity to engage in the outdoors and #findyourfield.

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